Neushoorn has lots of great facilities that we’d love to share with you:

Rehearsal Rooms

Bands and musicians can use our rehearsal rooms. The lease includes a backline and a PA system.

Dance Studios

We have studios for dance classes, yoga and workshops. Dance studios include mirrors and shower facilities.

Audio Visual Studios

There are studios for audio producers and video artists. Studios include state of the art equipment for audio and video recoring and editing.

Other Rooms

We have several other rooms for a wide range of activities, like workshops, classes, meeting and lectures.

Inspiring Workspaces

We make workspaces and other office facilites available to young entrepreneurs, so they can focus on conquering the world.

Concert halls

Naturally, you can also lease our two concert halls. The lease includes technical facilities and professional technicians and other staff if desired.

Furthermore, you can make use of our catering services. We are glad to help you out with your plans. For more info about our rates and our catering, please send an email to