Neushoorn is all about participation. We’re very open to all sorts of people, ideas and initiatives. We’re in this together!


We want you! Come join us and be a part of Neushoorn. Leeuwarden is buzzing with creative people and enthusiasts, and we would love them to be a part of Neushoorn.

We expect our volunteers to come up with creative ideas, to be passionate about culture and most of all: to be committed and dedicated.
We are more than happy to help you develop your skills and talents, and to realise your ideas. Neushoorn provides you with a professional work environment to collaborate with us on making events happen, and to learn. And last but not least, working at Neushoorn is fun!


Want to join us and be a part of Neushoorn? Don’t be scurred and send an email to Make sure to mention what you want to do, why you want to do it, where you live, how old you are and if you’ve got any experience. After that, we’ll invite you over for a cup of coffee to talk things through.

There are five sections in which you can participate:


Hospitality is all about making people feel at home in our humble abode. You are the face of Neushoorn. You get to work in all the different parts of hospitality. That means that you might work behind the bar, at the cloakroom, at the cash register, or at the access control.


You are the go-­to person behind the scenes. Artists come to you with their questions, and you carry responsibility for the dressing rooms, the time tables and the stage management. You’re the one that makes sure our artists are comfortable and that everything goes as agreed and planned.

Activities & Organisation

You can help us come up with ideas for new activities. Plus you get to make those activities happen. Tell us about your plans, and you might get to organise your own event! Your creative input ensures that our program is always up to date and in line with current cultural developments in Leeuwarden.